Ferry Booking

We are aware of the fact that reaching Sardinia sometimes has costs that are quite expensive for our potential customers, forcing them, perhaps, to abandon the idea of ​​visiting our beautiful island.

For this reason we have tried to obtain economic advantages on the purchase of tickets of the Shipping Companies, cost reductions that we totally apply to try to reduce the final cost of the ticket. Therefore we do not retain commissions or anything else, but we reserve them all to our Customers.

All this is obviously applicable in the case of stays booked at our facility.

Unfortunately, the places available to us are not unlimited and, in addition, it may be that the customer decides at the last moment to stay with us, or decides to come without booking. We have therefore selected an agency that sells the tickets with a certain discount, but applies a small ‘reservation fee’.

However, it remains a convenient choice.

In conclusion, if you decide to be our guest and want to save money, go to the BOOK WITH US section, if you want to be autonomous in your choices, you can select the BOOK NOW section, where you will also find the possibility to book by going through the Sardinia site on the Cresta dell’ onda.

Book with Camping Valledoria

While you are booking your holiday, you can request the best price for the crossing to and from Sardinia.

The variables that must be considered, to obtain a cheaper price, are:

– Departure and return dates

– The port from which to embark

– Accommodation on board

– The choice of a day or night route

– The number of people (adults and children)

– The model of the car (or motorcycle or camper) in tow

Based on the above, you can contact us by calling Camping directly at no. +39 079584070 or by sending the request by e-mail to info@campingvalledoria.com

Also consider that, once the trip has been defined and the booking deposit has been sent, you can proceed with the purchase of the ticket by paying ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY, by credit card (you need the number, the expiry date and the three-digit code written on the back).